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Top 3 Benefits of Charitable Gift Financing

Embrace a smarter way to give with Charitable Gift Financing — maximize your charitable impact, enjoy immediate tax benefits, and create a lasting legacy without compromising your financial security.

Amplify Your Impact with Minimal Cash Outlay

Make meaningful charitable contributions with up to 90% financed by a specialized lender. The loan is non-recourse, no personal guarantee, collateralized by a life insurance contract. This innovative approach empowers you to significantly amplify your philanthropic impact and effectively support the causes you're passionate about, all with just a fraction of the upfront cash outlay.

Immediate Tax Benefits (Rev. Rul. 78-38)

Unlock immediate tax advantages through the 'step-up' benefit by claiming a charitable contribution deduction under IRC §170(a) in the year the donation is made. There's no need to wait until the loan is repaid to benefit from this deduction.

Legacy of Perpetual Giving

Create a lasting legacy through strategic philanthropy that extends beyond your lifetime. By leveraging the life insurance death benefit for loan repayment, you can allocate up to 50% of the proceeds to the charity or charities of your choice. This approach ensures that your vision for charitable impact will continue to inspire and benefit future generations.

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Resource Center

An overview of the Charitable Gift Financing Blueprint, highlighting its main benefits and strategic approach for optimizing charitable contributions and tax advantages.

A real-world example demonstrating the effectiveness of the Charitable Gift Financing strategy in increasing donations and achieving significant tax savings.

An in-depth examination of the Economic Substance Doctrine’s impact on Charitable Gift Financing, focusing on legal and financial considerations.

A form for prospective clients to request a tailored proposal, outlining their specific needs and how the Charitable Gift Financing strategy can meet them.

A preliminary form used to assess a potential donor's eligibility and alignment with the criteria necessary for successful Charitable Gift Financing.

A document to formally apply for the financing required to initiate Charitable Gift Financing, detailing necessary personal and financial information.

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